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Welcome To Intu Tarot and Wellness

Intu Tarot and Wellness is a single person trying to make a positive difference in other people’s lives. As a lightworker, I, Reverend Jessica, use divine energy to help people heal and receive knowledge from spirit. I have been giving Tarot readings for seven years. I have been practicing Reiki for two years.

Reverend Jessica Hebert, Intu Tarot and Wellness

About Reverend Jessica

Rev. Jessica began her spiritual quest in 1993 with curiosity of anything paranormal, which led to tarot cards in 1998. After earning a B.A. in Anthropology and Communication Studies from Minnesota State University Mankato, she delved into energy healing, and became a Reiki Master in 2013. In March 14, 2015 she was ordained an interfaith minister through the Hope Interfaith Center seminary program. While gravitating towards eclectic neo-pagan practices, she honors all spiritual paths. As a shaman, she walks consistently connected with spirit and the physical realm. Rev. Jessica enriches the greater Mankato area with gentle compassion and wisdom.

Diverse Shamanic Services Include:

• Intuitive Tarot reading
• Reiki Healing
• Space blessing and paranormal resolution
• Marriage/Handfasting
• Baptism/Wiccaning
• Funeral/Life Celebration
• Chaplain Services

Vow of Integrity

Most of all, Rev. Jessica values integrity. She vows to:

• Work constantly to keep her ego in check.
• Be ethical, and keep client information confidential.
• Be mindful of her expertise, and be brave enough to say “I don’t know, but here is someone who does.”
• Help others feel good about themselves.
• Be compassionate to all, and do not judge.
• Be teachable, honest, competent, and lead by example.
• Be mindful of all information she puts on the internet.
• Act out of love and decorum, and respect for their clients’ rights.