Healing Philosophy

Healing Philosophy 2017-01-18T10:56:45+00:00

To Rev. Jessica, healing and empowering go hand in hand. In western society, much dis-ease is centered around self worth, faith, and fear. As a healer, she is guided to encourage people to love themselves, and have faith in their own divinity. Once an individual begins to feel empowered, they can begin to heal from deeper wounds.

She feels it is important to be gentle. That means approaching each moment with love, grace, and compassion. Hurting people need to be told sometimes unpleasant truths, out of a place of love that does not shame them. Gentleness requires mindfulness of the other person’s feelings and needs. Mindfulness is awareness of one’s environment, energy, and how they affect each other without fear or judgment. One must use discernment and objectivity in order to focus on ones highest good, and that of the universe. Mindfulness makes it possible to act out of love rather than react out of fear and anger.