Tarot Readings

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Tarot is a system of cards used for divination.  Their origin is unknown for certain, but they have ties to gypsies, and possibly to Egyptian and Kaballah belief systems. Each card has a designated meaning, that stays fairly consistent throughout the various versions of Tarot decks available. Many people use Tarot cards as tools or guides to receive intuitive information from God, spirit guides, angels, and akashic records.

Oracle cards, like Tarot, are also used to receive information from God, spirit guides, etc. Some deck variations have very specialized purposes or uses.  They do not follow the same system of symbols as Tarot cards.

For Rev. Jessica, the different varieties serve to reflect her clients’ energies, in a way that she is able to accurately interpret.  She is able to do readings in person, or from afar over the phone or internet.  Readings are a form of spiritual counseling.

Rev. Jessica of Intu Tarot and Wellness performs intuitive tarot readings in the greater Mankato, MN area. To schedule an appointment, please call  (507) 720-4441 or visit the contact us page.

Tarot Reading

$250030 minute session